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Royal Lawn Bowling v St. George Society 2013

A really great day of fun, comeraderie and food.

2013 Barbecue

The 2013 barbecue and celebration for the new Prince George

30th Anniversary Celebrations

The 30th Anniversary celebrations at Woodcroft.

H.D. Volunteer Appreciation Night at ESS

A few pictures of the ESS and the volunteer appreciation night.

2012 Heritage Days (Day 3)

This was the last day.

2012 Heritage Days (Day 2)

Some pictures of todays events and visitors.

2012 Heritage Days (Day 1)

A lot of  pictures of the day in spite of the storm that shut the site down early.

2012 Heritage Days (Day -1)

These are pictures of our hard working crew setting up on Friday.  More to come tomorrow ...

Edmonton Scottish Society's 2012 Highland Games

Pictures courtesy of Bill Mitchell.

Bonfire Night

Makes you feel warm just looking ...


What a pity we cannot hear them singing ...

2009 Heritage Festival

These are from the 2009 festival ...

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